Sunday, 23 September 2007

Introduction to a hypothesis

The notion of ‘‘measurement’’ plays a fundamental role in
conventional formulations of quantum mechanics. Indeed,
quantum mechanics is often presented as merely an algorithm
that takes you from one measurement -‘‘state preparation’’
involves selecting a particular output channel from a
measurement apparatus - to another. John Bell railed eloquently
against this. Why should the scope of physics be
restricted to the artificial contrivances we are forced to resort
to in our efforts to probe the world? Why should a fundamental
theory have to take its meaning from a notion of
‘‘measurement’’ external to the theory itself? Should not the
meaning of ‘‘measurement’’ emerge from the theory, rather
than the other way around? Should not physics be able to
make statements about the unmeasured, unprepared world?

To restrict quantum mechanics to be exclusively
about piddling laboratory operations is to betray
the great enterprise. A serious formulation will
not exclude the big world outside of the laboratory.

N. David Mermin

From What is quantum mechanics trying to tell us?

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Reasons have been found from the appropriate natural and experimental evidence to propose that:

For there to be any structure, organisation or form of matter at all as atoms, molecules and living organisms a distinct cause needs to act universally and constantly in addition to all the forces.

Unlike all the forces, the action of this additional cause is form, structure and organisation maintaining or conserving. So that atomic, molecular and organic systems of subatomic components can resist the action of all the forces acting within and upon them.

The quantum mechanics that describes the wave, spin and entanglement behaviour of photons and subatomic components indicates that the action this form (etc.) conserving cause is nonlocal by producing invariable effects at any distance and so cannot be described as surrounding objects in 3D space. The most direct and longest distance experimental evidence of these invariable effects have been measured of the correlations between beams of entangled photons. While electrons, protons and atoms can also be described as being entangled in composite states. And it can be considered that for these correlations to be measured a cause needs to act at a distance between quantum obects so as maintain or conserve the correlations.

By producing appropriate diagrams that indirectly represent the further cause as acting from two additional dimensions of space and then relatiing these diagrams to certain problems of mind and consciousness, it can be explained how the cause can act extra-dimensionally so as to conserve the forms of all the elements and compounds and the species of living organisms.

Also, by describing in enough detail the nature of a nonlocal and extra-dimensional cause of quantum wave behaviour, reasons can be found to consider that this cause could act in addition to the forces on the astronomical scale and explain the large scale structure as the galaxies of stars and planetary systems, galactic clusters and cosmic voids and without the need for an inflation theory or WIMP dark matter.